My grandfather and his father before him owned building supply stores, similar to today's hardware stores.  I can remember as a child walking up and down the aisles of hammers, nails, boards, and twine as the floors creaked beneath my feet and the smell of metal and wood drifted through the air.

My mother is a fine artist, creating portraits of oils, charcoals, and watercolors, sculptures of clay, wood, and porcelain, and jewelry made with precious stones. She has shown me the passion and hours of work that go into crafted items.

My father came from a family of farmers who are deeply rooted in the soil.  They are strong people whose handshake is their word.

From these foundations I have formed R. Powell's Mercantile Company.

My goal is to combine the best of my memories of the general store with its aisles of unique products, the deep commitment and work ethic of those that farmed the land, with richly crafted works of artisans from around the country to create a space where innovation, quality, and creativity come together.  A place to stroll through, to browse, and seek. A place to find something that hopefully speaks to you and calls you to bring it into your life and home.

- Catherine Byrd, Owner